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New Industrial Products

3100 series of pressure transducers

reduces downtime through high stability

Posted on September 1, 2007 - ( views)

by Web Editor

The 3100 series of thin film metal pressure transducers features a small package size (25mm in length). The stainless steel sensor is welded to a pressure port using a gas laser weld technique that gives a highstrength, fatigue-free joint. The thin film gauges are deposited on to the diaphragm surface using sputtering techniques, which helps to eliminate drift and ensure repeatable performance. Long term drift for the series is 0.1% of full scale per year non-cumulative; this eliminates recalibration. The all-welded construction also eliminates leakages, which can occur on sensors. The transducer covers a pressure range from 10 up to 2200bar. Operating temperatures can reach 135ºC. These sensors are available with a choice of 6 electrical connections and 9 pressure ports.

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