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New Industrial Products

ALS130H series direct drive positioning stages

ultra-low speed scanning solution

Posted on November 1, 2008 - ( views)

by Web Editor

The ALS130H series linear motor driven positioning stages have been designed for ultra high precision scanning and positioning applications where sub-nanometre level resolution needs to be combined with exceptional smoothness, high traversing speeds and fast acceleration over travel ranges up to 150 mm. The classic two-part stage design outperforms leadscrew driven alternatives with their inherent friction related stick-slip problems and offers a far higher load acceleration force than piezo based positioners. The 'H' stage design brings together the latest technologies, building upon and improving the performance of the highly successful ALS130 series to combine a centre driven zero-cogging brushless linear motor, anti-cage creep cross roller bearings and a 4.0 micron glass scale linear encoder with 40MHz encoder processing when used with motion controls. The result is a compact and ultra-stiff mechanical system for high performance test, measurement and inspection applications.

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