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DDW-220 Ethernet extender

with built-in switch

Posted on April 1, 2008 - ( views)

by Web Editor

The DDW-220 is an Ethernet extender enhanced with a built-in four port Ethernet switch which allows this one unit to be used to create entire Ethernet solutions. Existing twisted pair cables can be used to establish a high speed remote connection between two Ethernet networks. With transfer rates up to 5.7Mbits/s and with an operating distance of up to 10km at lower data rates, this is an alternative to fibre optic or radio systems when linking remote Ethernet networks. The extender uses a transient blocking unit on each DSL line to provide both over-current and over-voltage protection on the line allowing it to handle indirect lightning strike transients, power induction and short circuit problems. The unit combines the functions of an extender using any twisted pair cables and a switch. This plug-and-play unit covers many applications offering data rates from 192Kbit/s to 5.7Mbit/s in both directions over distances of up to 10km.

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