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New Industrial Products

EC-max 16 two-wire motor

long service life, easy to use

Posted on June 1, 2007 - ( views)

by Web Editor

The commutation electronics are integrated in the EC-max 16 2-wire motor which is only 16mm in diameter, 33.5 mm long and has a nominal output of 5W. The reduction to two connection wires allows brush motors to be directly replaced. The motor turns detent-free and is highly efficient. The stainless steel motor housing, when combined with the metal flanges, provides a high degree of temperature stability, good heat elimination and excellent shielding against electrical fields. The integrated electronics allow direct control with an operating voltage of between 5 and 15V. The electronics have protective circuits to protect the motor against polarity reversal, overheating, axle blocking and under-voltage. With a nominal output of 5W, the motor generates continuous torque of up to 3.4mNm.

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