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New Industrial Products

INTELLIGauge range

with electrical output signal

Posted on May 1, 2008 - ( views)

by Web Editor

The INTELLiGauge is a cost-effective and reliable solution. From only one measuring point they offer on-site measurement without the need for an external power supply, also meaning the operator even knows the process value after a power failure. At the same time, the information transmitted, via an electrical signal from a transmitter or a pressureswitch, can be, for example, displayed on a control panel or processed through a PLC. The hybrid instruments are available with all established electrical signals. The non-contact sensors are wear-free and without backlash. These gauges guarantee extremely high reliability. The design enables the entire mechanical product programme to be used. Thus the new combi-pressure gauges will, in the future, be available in all nominal sizes (up to 160).

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