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JetPort 5601f serial device server

access serial devices via fibre networking

Posted on December 1, 2006 - ( views)

by Web Editor

With built-in terminators, the JetPort 5601f serial device server can be adjusted for best impedance match to serial network lines. This feature greatly helps the unit deliver high and reliable serial data throughput when connected as RS-422 or RS-485 network.The JetPort 5601f can be configured by JetPort Commander, an easy-to-use utility for Windows that covers all management, monitoring, and control functions for one or many JetPort servers. In addition to Windows configuration, the unit can be configured by Web or Telnet, giving administrators the flexibility for device management. The JetPort 5601f can be wall mounted or Din-rail mounted by the Din-rail kit. The serial port can work in various communication modes, including virtual com, TCP server, TCP client, UDP, and serial tunnel.

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