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LRW-102 LonWorks modem

for multi-drop and redundant ring applications

Posted on August 1, 2008 - ( views)

by Web Editor

The LRW-102 is a LonWorks modem that acts as a repeater between two fibre optic links and as a converter between LonWorks networks and a fibre optic link. It is transparent and acts as a TP/FT-10 physical layer repeater to extend distances by up to 120km and protect the network against electrical interference. The LRW-102 is designed for multi-drop and redundant ring applications, with a separate model available for simple point-to-point connections. The LRW-112 fibre optic router enables two LonWorks networks to be connected over long distances. It can be installed as a repeater, configured router, or learning router and is designed for multi-drop and redundant ring applications. The LRW-112PP model is available for point-to-point connections. Equipped with a standard router core module, the new devices allow standard configuration and installation using LonMaker and other LNS-based tools.

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