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Mini RFI clips

cut assembly time, space

Posted on April 1, 2006 - ( views)

by Web Editor

Surface-mounted EMI/RFI shield clips save PCB space and cut assembly and rework time by eliminating through-hole manufacturing. Richard McDonnell, product manager for the Midi and Mini clips, says, ''Traditional shielding cans are soldered to the board using through-hole technology. This is often performed after the main automated assembly process using manual secondary soldering operations.'' Supplied in industry standard Tape & Reel packaging, the RFI shield clips are placed on the board and soldered. The shielding can is then fitted during final assembly - within seconds. The Midi RFI clip is designed for shielding cans using 0.3mm thick material: the Mini version is 40% smaller and is suitable for shield cans 0.13-0.23mm thick. Clips are available in 100% tin plate. The EMI/RFI clips are targeted at data processing, telecoms base stations, radio comms, and in-car entertainment systems. Previous devices have been deployed in diverse applications, such as the Bowman Military radio project and automotive SatNav/DVD players.

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