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New Industrial Products

RJF range of Ethernet connectors

in a steel shell

Posted on August 1, 2007 - ( views)

by Web Editor

The RJF range of Ethernet connectors features steel shell providing mechanical behaviour: 10g vibration resistance (at 10-500 Hz, 3-axis) and IK06 impact resistance (equivalent to a 250g weight falling on the mated connectors from a height of 40cm). Acceptable tension on the RJ45 lead in the plug is up to 100N along the axis, and the minimum number of mating cycles is 500. The connector has an IP67 sealing rating and offers 48h salt spray resistance with nickel-plating finish and 96h with black electrophoretic treatment, rising to longer than 500h for the anodic oxidation and cadmium-plated version. Allowable temperature ranges from -40 to 85°C. It withstands 21 days at 43°C and 98% humidity. The device uses the patented RJ-Stop process to convert a standard conventional Ethernet cable into an IP67 Ethernet connection. This circular connector is designed particularly for industrial automation, field buses, data acquisition, machine tools, telecom equipment, CCTV, robotics, process control, etc.

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