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Sirius 8WD44 range of signal columns

for signal columns

Posted on September 1, 2006 - ( views)

by Web Editor

A wireless GSM module has been launched as part of the SIRIUS 8WD44 range of signal columns, and can be quickly configured to send either standard or bespoke SMS text messages to a mobile phone or even to make a call to a landline, depending on user requirements. In this way personnel can quickly be called to the point of need without having to restrict their movement to the same room as the process or rely on notifications over public address systems. This can significantly reduce downtime and increase productivity. The module stores up to 3 phone numbers with individual user masks, ensuring that adequate business cover is given in critical situations, while still preventing plant managers receiving ''nuisance'' texts if signals relate to routine operation. The SIRIUS 8WD44 module is easily configured, especially in retrofit applications, and requires no complex wiring or programming, nor any changes to PLC hardware.This allows the SIRIUS 8WD44 GSM modules to be used to monitor as many or as few processes in a manufacturing location as necessary.

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