Thursday, 5 March 2015

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Industrial Datasheets

High-performance Cables

Key links in automation evolution

Industrial Electronics

The old saying that "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link" takes on a new meaning when talking about production chains. With...

Digital Profile Controller

For furnace and speed control

Industrial Electronics,Factory Automation

ENDA EPC4420 is a digital profile controller from Sisel Mühendislik Elektronik. Through adjustable backing temperature and backing time, it...

Harmonic Filters

For 200V systems

Industrial Electronics

Schaffner further broadens its product offering of solutions for the improvement of power quality. The popular active harmonic filters ECOsine...


For single phase applications

Industrial Electronics

With the new C16-3 2+PE, Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics has developed connector solutions for single-phase supply. The IP67 protected and UV resistant...

General-purpose Indicators

For stand-alone use

Industrial Electronics

With the EZ-LIGHT technology and highly-visible LEDs, Banner Engineering's new S18L general-purpose indicators provide an indication solution....

LED light strip

Provides an alternative to fluorescent tubes

Industrial Electronics,Industrial Equipment

With protection type IP 69K, the Ecolab-certified CLA work light from Patlite Europe is predestined for installation in high-purity...

Solar Power Monitoring Systems

Set of electronic cards

Industrial Electronics

Mersen has identified specific needs for universal and high-quality monitoring systems. These needs are related to PV installations in industrial...

Sinusoidal Filters


Industrial Electronics

Providing optimal motor protection in controlled drive systems, Schaffner's FN5040/45 sinusoidal filters with nominal currents of up to 260A...


Enclosure solutions for outdoor applications

Industrial Electronics

Thanks to its specific structural concept and its high-resistant materials and finishing, the E VIS range of solutions for outdoor applications...


The efficiency and operation of a plant depend on the quality of its constituent elements: in this respect, and in order to deliver a real "complete system" to the customer, E.T.A. offers E RIVI, the new system of Walk-on cable conduits for floor installation. E RIVI is a flexible and modular system with sturdy construction and easy assembling: the different lengths of the elements allow...

Industrial Electronics

The efficiency and operation of a plant depend on the quality of its constituent elements: in this respect, and in order to deliver a real "complete...

Harmonic Filters for Digital Broadcasting

Providing electrical and thermal unloading

Industrial Electronics

DVB-T is the abbreviation for Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial - the terrestrial version of digital television and radio. It is the standard...

Rugged Power System

Serves smart washroom applications

Industrial Electronics

Addressing the increasing demand for automated washroom functionality driven by sensor-based convenience systems, GlobTek’s highly efficient...

Wavelength Extender

For nonlinear microscopy & spectroscopy

Industrial Electronics

Introduced by Spectra-Physics to their line of nonlinear microscopy and spectroscopy application solutions, the SCG-02 wavelength extender is...

Control And Signalling Boxes

Can be fit to a wall

Industrial Electronics

Pizzato Elettrica has expanded its range of control and signalling devices EROUND line introducing the new boxes with 1 hole. The new EROUND...

Industrial Ethernet Cables

Guarantee high data quality in applications on the move

Industrial Electronics

Appropriate for most different influences, dynamic parameters, cycle numbers and temperatures, Ethernet cables from igus are available with different...

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