100°C Resistant Motors

Designed to offer an S1 continuous duty service

  • 100°C Resistant Motors
    100°C Resistant Motors

Motive has started the production of the seriese “delfire”, an innovative new range of three phase motors specifically designed to work in an ambient temperature of 100°C, like for instance the one of the ventilation of furnaces and dryers, in S1 continuous duty.
The used technology finds its origin in EN 12101-3 fire emergency motors for smoke evacuation, but instead of being intended for working for few hours only, it is designed to offer an S1 continuous duty service and the same lifespam of a normal motor in a normal ambient. Its main features are:
•    metal cable glands and ventilation, viton gaskets and seals, high temp bearings, steel bearing seats;
•    defluxed winding for a low temp rise, dual coated magnet wires, increased H class:

  • Double impregnation: varnished twice and re-baked. The process assures the coverage of pin holes. The increased solid content layer increases the high voltage capacity of the motor and better protects it against surge voltages. The increased parasitic capacitance gives a higher impulse withstand capacity. It also prepares the stator for withstanding extreme non condensing humidity ;
  • Gel Coat: the stator is then further protected by an epoxy compound which cures fast under hot conditions. Epoxy has very good fungus resistance properties, thus avoiding tracking failure, drastically reducing the service life of the motor. Epoxy also exhibits very good resistance to alkali as well as acids. Epoxy coating also allows for condensing humidity. The smoothly finished surface does not allow liquid water to stay on the windings ;

Available from size IEC 71 (0,25kW) up to zize 200 (30kW), in 2-4-6 poles. IE2 high efficiency.