2023 Top Companies: Mosca Named Germany's Best Machine Manufacturer

Mosca has won the "Company of the Year 2023" award from Focus Money magazine, ranked highest in the machine manufacturing category

  • 2023 Top Companies: Mosca Named Germany's Best Machine Manufacturer
    2023 Top Companies: Mosca Named Germany's Best Machine Manufacturer

According to the results of a meta-analysis conducted by Focus Money magazine, Mosca is Germany's best machine manufacturer. This award recognises the companies that performed particularly well in the previous analyses: Price/Performance Winner 2022, Highest Trust 2022, Customer Favourites 2022 and Germany's Best – Sustainability 2022. Mosca ranked at the top of the machine manufacturing category with 100 points, setting the benchmark for companies across the industry.

Commissioned by Focus Money magazine and Deutschland Test, the study to determine the Company of the Year 2023 was carried out by the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research. The meta-analysis summarises the results of four previous studies that surveyed more than 19,000 companies in the period from February to August 2022 using artificial intelligence and neural networks. Four factors – price/performance, customer confidence, service quality, sustainability – each accounted for 25% of the overall ranking. Mosca performed extremely well in all four categories and competed against all other companies in the study to receive top marks in the machine manufacturing segment.

Resource and energy efficient

Focus Money has already presented multiple awards to Mosca for its high level of sustainability. In 2021 and 2022, the company ranked at the top of the machine manufacturing segment for Germany's Best – Sustainability award. This assessment looks at environmental sustainability as well as economic and social sustainability. Mosca stood out in all areas for its high level of innovation and its initiative. While Mosca machines save energy and lower emissions thanks to SoniXs ultrasonic sealing technology, the company's strap materials are produced with green electricity and use a predefined proportion of recycled plastic. Mosca actively supports regional programmes, for example, with an annual project competition that targeted local environmental protection programmes in 2020 and 2022.

Innovative service concepts

Mosca is also steps ahead when it comes to service quality. The company's OneService concept, launched in 2018, guarantees standardised quality worldwide with swift support from Mosca experts. Two innovative new services are scheduled to launch in 2023. One is the Mosca TechCenter that will enable customers to test transport security systems in detail. The other is the new Mosca Spare Parts Kit that will ensure faster maintenance for wear parts. Customers can order a package of spare parts specifically tailored to their machine. This makes it possible to replace defective components on the spot and minimise machine downtime – even when supply chains are running at maximum capacity.

Long-lasting machines for every need

The Mosca approach to price/performance is based on ensuring the highest possible quality with the right machine for every requirement at the end of the packaging line. CEO Timo Mosca explains: "We place top priority on the quality and longevity of our solutions. Mosca machines continue to run reliably even after millions of strapping cycles. As a result, our customers reap the benefits throughout the entire service life of the machine." Mosca supplies a wide range of machines to meet every need and budget: from semi-automatic units for random manual applications to high-performance Industry 4.0 solutions for fully automated, digitalised production lines. The Mosca portfolio also offers a variety of strapping materials for different applications.

A reliable partner for customers

Mosca sees its role not only as a machine manufacturer, but above all as a partner to its customers. This is reflected in the high level of trust placed in the company. Timo Mosca: "The fact that in the difficult times over the past years we have still managed to reliably deliver our machines and consumables and to deal transparently with delays, has further strengthened the trust our customers and partners have placed in us. This was made possible thanks to our high flexibility and close communications with our customers and suppliers. The award recognising us as Germany's best machine manufacturer shows that Mosca stands for top performance across the board – and it motivates us to continue improving in the future."

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