4-port PROFIBUS RS-485 Repeater

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100 per cent plug and play


4-port PROFIBUS RS-485 Repeater
4-port PROFIBUS RS-485 Repeater

With the new PROFIBUS Repeater from COMSOFT the entire performance capacity of PROFIBUS can be used without any restrictions. The PROFIBUS Repeater is 100 per cent plug and play and can be used in every RS-485 based PROFIBUS network (FMS, MPI or DP). The Repeater is suitable for hat rail mounting and supports all common transmission speeds from 9.6 Kbit/s up to 12.000 Kbit/s. The signal regeneration concept no longer requires Dip switches and error LEDs, normally a must in combination with conventional PROFIBUS Repeater concepts for a safe operation. The PROFIBUS Repeater is immediately operational after switching on the power supply and requires no baud rate detecting synchronisation phase. So, typical problems such as not functioning baud rate detection, in combination with networks of poor transmission quality, or the usual delays are a thing of the past. The PROFIBUS Repeater supports four PROFIBUS segments simultaneously. These can be operated as star, line or branch segments. The single PROFIBUS segments are galvanically isolated. To connect the segments standard PROFIBUS plugs can be used. The missing Dip switches generally avoid a faulty configuration of the Repeater.

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