70 A Crimp Module

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70 A Crimp Module
70 A Crimp Module

The new Han(R) 70 A crimp module is the latest addition to the Harting Han-Modular(R) Series of heavy-duty connectors. Designed for use in applications presenting the toughest mechanical demands, the new module is plug-compatible with the existing Han(R) 70 A axial screw module, and allows the transmission of high power levels within a compact space. In a typical application, up to 12 power contacts rated at 70 A and 1000 V can be implemented in a pluggable version in a Han(R) 24 B connector configuration. The new unit can incorporate two power contacts per module and up to six modules per connector. It has a high working voltage of 1000 V, combined with a large conductor cross-section of 10 to 25 mm². The use of crimp termination technology means that crimping tools already on hand can be used, although contacts can also be removed without tools.

Edited by: Jürgen Wirtz

Posted on May 24, 2011 - (44 views)
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