7.1 Megapixels EXO Industrial Camera

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Fits the use in the microscopy, automation and food sectors

Sensor Technology, Vision & Identification

exo428xU3 by SVS Vistek
exo428xU3 by SVS Vistek

With a resolution of 7.1 megapixels, an aspect ratio of almost 3: 2 (3208 x 2200 pixels) and a USB3 interface, the exo428xU3 industrial camera from SVS Vistek is the modern CMOS alternative to the ICX695 CCD sensor. This member of SVS-Vistek’s powerful EXO industrial camera family provides a frame rate of 51.4 fps at full resolution. Based on the low readout noise and the quantum efficiency of the Sony Pregius series (3rd generation), the sensitive, 4.5 x 4.5 µm pixels deliver superior image quality. 

Quick integration through all the I/O capabilities of the EXO series

The large pixels ensure a high saturation capacity and also simplify the selection of lenses fitting the 1.1” sensor size. The camera uses a global shutter and is available in monochrome or color. Its NIR sensitivity is significantly improved. The features available include 8 and 12-bit color depth, ROI, binning, offset and look-up tables. Among the features, the integrated multi-channel strobe controller makes an external controller for lighting control redundant in most cases.

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