Access Guarding with Material Transport

Compact, simple and safe process

  • Access Guarding with Material Transport
    Access Guarding with Material Transport

The Smart Process Gating (SPG) by Leuze electronic enables access guarding with material transport to be designed more compactly, simpler and safer. SPG is based on its MLC safety light curtains to bring safety at work with high process reliability and system availability. This new process enables muting processes to be executed with stability, compatibility and ease. The light curtains make it possible to completely forego the signal-emitting sensors. The misalignment, damage for the sensor is eliminated as well as the cost of maintenance and servicing. The first muting signal comes from the process control and the second muting signal is generated by the protective field. With SPG there is a need of a controlled material flow therefore the PLC control signals are available at the expected time window. 

The MLC 530 safety light curtain variant with Smart Process Gating is TÜV-certified for safety 

A performance level PL d can be achieved. SPG provides stability and a high availability of the safety device also being space-saving system design, reliable and available. Furthermore it is easy to handle and operate for personnel. Finally SPG was voted by a jury of experts the top 10 of the 2019 GIT Security Award. Also nominated as the ”Best of Industry Award 2019” by readers and online communities of GIT Sicherheir, GIT Security and messtech drives Automation trade magazine. 

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