AC/DC Converter Control IC

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It creates new standards for energy savings

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AC/DC Converter Control IC
AC/DC Converter Control IC

ROHM developped an AC/DC converter control IC designed specifically for SiC MOSFET drive in industrial equipment such as servers and other large power applications. The BD7682FJ-LB allows easy implementation of SiC-MOSFETs in AC/DC converters. AC/DC converter design has proved challenging when using discrete configurations due to the large number of components required. In contrast, ROHM's latest product provides a highly integrated solution and creates new standards for energy savings and miniaturization while supporting the adoption of SiC power semiconductors that provide breakthrough levels of efficiency and performance. Key Features: maximizes SiC MOSFET performance for breakthrough energy savings; SiC MOSFET contributes to unmatched miniaturization; multiple protection circuits support high voltage operation up to 690VAC.

Posted on April 18, 2016 - (239 views)
Rohm Semiconductor GmbH
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