AC/DC Linear Supply

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Characterized by ±0.1% line and load regulation

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AC/DC Linear Supply
AC/DC Linear Supply

Providing an output of ±5 VDC at 750 mA, the Model 2.5.750 low noise linear power supply from Calex Manufacturing can be powered by 100, 115, 220, 230 or 240VAC. It is characterized by tight regulation, low noise and high stability. The unit is suited for use as a dual 5-volt rail source. The voltage accuracy is ±1%. Additional technical features include ±0.1% line and load regulation, 1 mV RMS noise and ripple and 50 to 60 Hz input frequency range. The device is housed in a 63,5 x 88,9 x 39,6 mm case, which is fully encapsulated with an epoxy potting compound making the unit ruggedized for harsh environments. The case operating temperature range is -25 to +50°C. Chassis mounting kits are available for applications requiring screw terminal connections.

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