ACE Air Springs for Good Sound and against Bad Vibrations

Audiophile people want pure sound. That is why a manufacturer of hi-fi amplifiers is now using ACE air springs against disturbing environmental vibrations

  • ACE Air Springs for Good Sound and against Bad Vibrations
    ACE Air Springs for Good Sound and against Bad Vibrations

The song ‘Good Vibrations’ by the Beach Boys is a hit. The opposite of this are shocks, oscillations and vibrations that ruin the listening experience. The engineers at the electronics company BaiRuiKe Technology Co., Ltd. know how critical hi-fi purists are. In Shenzhen, near Hong Kong, they develop and manufacture high-quality tube amplifiers and the corresponding components. In order to demonstrate the performance of the audio products to visitors from all over the world, they are received in a specially designed demonstration room.

When the noise from an adjacent workshop where punching labor was carried out proved to be too loud, action had to be taken. Worse than the pure audible volume from next door was the low-frequency interference coming from there, which was transmitted to the audio-system.

The engineers at BaiRuiKe Technology wanted to eliminate this interference under all circumstances and chose a distributor of ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH as their specialist in the field of vibration control. ACE operates in China from their branch in Changzhou, near Shanghai. The first duty was to filter out the oscillation frequency of 20 Hz, the lowest frequency that the human ear can perceive. For this purpose, four PLM-1 low frequency pneumatic leveling mounts were provided from the vibration control division.

Together with the low frequency pneumatic leveling mounts, ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH provided the app VibroChecker PRO which turns smartphones into professional measuring devices simply by connecting an external USB sensor.