Advantages of Constant Force Spring Applied to Carbon Brush

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Work steady, last longer and less maintenance, reduces spark and EMI

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Advantages of Constant Force Spring Applied to Carbon Brush
Advantages of Constant Force Spring Applied to Carbon Brush

Ming Tai Industrial Co., one of the leaders of total solution of steel strip spring, has developed a wide variety of constant force springs for carbon brush application.

In rail vehicles, carbon brush used to constant force springs are widely applied to alternators, auxiliary motors, blower motors, traction motors, slip ring and earth return current units. In wind turbine, it can be applied to slip ring, grounding systems, brush motors as well. 

Constant force spring dependably exert constant pressure to keeps carbon brush to work steady. It reduces electrical wear, last longer and less maintenance, those are most critical requirement for both of railway vehicle, wind turbine.

It can be applied to earth return current units to divert static, and to induce electric currents to keep motor shaft away from the bearings, and to protect them from pitting and damage.

Furthermore, constant force spring features following advantages 

1. To exert constant pressure for commutator and slip ring in any brush length.
2. Compact design for overall motor size and slip ring.
3. Allows longer brushes to meet large commuter and slip ring requirement.
4. Reduces spark, lower influence of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Basically, constant force spring can be classified in two types, the Single Coil Type and the Twin Coil Type. Ming Tai offers mounted clip design for carbon brush holder as well. Engineers are welcome to contact us for more detail information. Even it is just a simple idea; Ming-Tai will develop optimized solution of springs to fulfill your product innovation.

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Ming Tai is a professional manufacturer of steel strip spring, including conventional springs, constant force spring, constant torque spring, constant force spring for carbon brush, power spring, and variable force springs, etc.

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