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All in One – Motion Control Descends at Drive Level

Universal drives have motion control capabilities

Posted on July 7, 2017 - ( views)

by Giuseppe Mento

The iPOS intelligent drives from Technosoft have been specifically designed to simplify the architecture and reduce the cost in positioning applications. Ranging from 25W to 1.6 kW continuous power at low voltage, the iPOS drives with embedded motion controller are among the most compact solutions available for a current rating from 1A to 40A peak. A unique feature of the product is its flexibility as the iPOS behaves as a universal drive adapted to any motor technology. The same device can be a servo or a stepper drive with closed loop control for brushless, DC, step or linear motor offering the advantage of reduced stock variation.

A wide range of versions are available from 12 to 80V either packed in a closed box or plug-able to user-designed motherboards for greater flexibility in adapting to the mechanical and electrical restrictions of the application. A variety of sensors such as incremental TTL or sin-cos encoders, resolver, absolute SSI, BiSS or EnDAT are supported for single or dual-loop configurations.

Either in single or multi-axis, slave or stand-alone applications, the motion controller embedded in the iPOS can execute complex motion sequences programed in TML (Technosoft Motion Language) and stored at drive level. Advanced trajectory capabilities like S-curve or polynomial interpolation, synchronization via messages sent from one axis to the other eliminate the need of an external controller or reduce dramatically the traffic in networked structures with Ethernet, CANopen or EtherCAT communication. Motion control libraries for PC or various PLCs are available for easy integration into applications where the TML protocol is used.

Critical applications where functional safety is needed for installations that require operator's intervention are addressed by iPOS drives with STO functionality qualified by TüV for SIL 3, Cat 3, PL e level. Medical, robotics, factory automation, laboratory instrumentation are some of the industries using the iPOS drives made in Switzerland by Technosoft.

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