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Users can view realtime video streaming of the production line or plant taken by the Omron vision system cameras


Automation Platform.NExT
Automation Platform.NExT

The Automation Platform.NExT platform is being continuously enriched with new functionalities as a 360° response to the supervision needs in industrial automation. Progea is constantly committed to offering a platform rich in objects and functions to help users spend less time fiddling around with code thus drastically reduce time spent on developing. For example, a special object has been added to the toolbox that supports vision systems with Omron FH/FZ5 series video cameras.

This is a User Control object for .NET and WPF technology which uses the OMRON producer libraries to visualize Omron video camera streaming within the object. Thanks to this object the user can easily view realtime video streaming of the production line or plant taken by the Omron vision system cameras directly in the Platform.NexT screens.

Like all the other objects from the Platform.NexT library users can also use the simple zoom gestures intuitively to get a better look at particular parts of plant while the video is being streamed on screen. The object's functional parameters, such as the video camera's IP address plus others, can be defined in the object's properties with the error handling management.The Omron Vision System object can be obtained from Progea and easily inserted in the Toolbox object library.

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