Capacitive Metal Line Switch

With their elegant and modern look, the CPS series from SCHURTER is the perfect choice where ever a high quality-aesthetic appearance plays a role

  • Capacitive Metal Line Switch
    Capacitive Metal Line Switch

Switches are there to be touched. And our fingers are highly sensitive sensors. Especially high quality capacitive switches are made of the best materials. SCHURTER relies on stainless steel for its CPS series. We perceive the surface quality of a switch immediately. Cheap or valuable? We'll feel it in no time. In addition, the demands of designers and manufacturers of input systems for high aesthetics are increasing rapidly.

For these reasons SCHURTER offers the CPS with a touch surface made of scratch-resistant ceramic with surface illumination or made of stainless steel with ring illumination. But both versions are also available without any illumination. More exotic materials such as glass, wood or even plastics are also conceivable for the actuator. As the icing on the cake, you can also get a (customer specific) finger guide, which offers a further increase in comfort.


  • For indoor applications
  • Industrial applications
  • White goods
  • Commercial kitchen equipment
  • Food industry
  • Lab equipment
  • Vendor and ticket machines
  • Elevator control panels
  • Medical equipment