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New Industrial Products

High Resolution Measurement System

The capacitive multi-channel system capaNCDT 6500 is designed for maximum resolution

Posted on January 25, 2016 - ( views)

by Giuseppe Mento

The capaNCDT 6500 is a capacitive displacement sensor system for applications in production plants, test equipment, laboratory and quality assurance of different processes. The system provides a resolution in the range of hundredths of a nanometre. It can be used for multi-channel operation and is modular in its design. Up to eight sensors can be connected to the signal conditioning electronics (Euro-size cards) via a preamplifier module.

For the DL6530 version, the pre-amplifier is integrated in the housing and is used for cable lengths up to 4m or 8m. The sensors operate virtually independent of temperature and so can be used at temperatures between -50°C and +200°C. The new measuring system is fully compatible with all electrically-conductive materials. Insulated materials can also be measured using special electronics.

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