Contrast Sensor

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For fast and reliable print mark detection

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Contrast Sensor
Contrast Sensor

Offering both speed and repeat accuracy, Baumer’s FKDK 14 contrast sensors provide an economical solution for print mark detection in packaging machines and graphics industry. Specifically optimized for high throughput speed, they have a 50 μs response time. Highly compact, the sensors are easily integrated into machine designs. The teach-in procedure is intuitive and can also be conducted dynamically during process. Since the light source is a white light, print marks of all colors, including those with slight contrast to the background can be reliably detected. The switching status is indicated with a clearly visible LED. The contrast scanner complements the company’s Series 14 photoelectric sensor. Together with the existing light barriers and light scanners, the device is suited for applications in packaging machines and provides an economical solution for print mark detection. With its sensors the company offers an integrated solution for the complete packaging process. Additionally, the contrast sensor can be used for print mark and printing plate detection in the graphics industry.

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Posted on February 21, 2011 - (1507 views)
Baumer Electric AG
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8501 Frauenfeld - Switzerland
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