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Control Panel/Panel PC
Control Panel/Panel PC

With the industrial implementation of technologies known from the consumer world, such as multi-touch and widescreen displays, the CP2xxx and CP3xxx Control Panel and Panel PC series from Beckhoff open up opportunities for new operating concepts. Complemented by three further display sizes and a total of eight device options, they offer scope for a wide range of applications. There are various display sizes, horizontal or vertical orientation, 4:3 or widescreen, built-in or IP 65 mounting arm panel. Up to now, the new Panel generation has been available in 20 device options. It is now extended with three further display sizes and a total of eight new device versions: 7" (16:9.6, WVGA, 800 x 480 resolution) as Control Panel (built-in and IP 65 version), 12" (4:3, SVGA, 800 x 600) as Control Panel (built-in and IP 65 version) and built-in Panel PC and 21.5" (16:9, Full-HD, 1920 x 1080) as Control Panel (built-in and IP 65 version) and built-in Panel PC. They complement the existing Panel range in the following sizes: 15", 15.6", 18.5", 19" and 24". In addition, the panels are robust and industrially compatible thanks to the use of aluminium or stainless steel. A narrow, circumferential metal impact protector reliably protects the touch screen surface or the display against mechanical destruction. In addition, all-glass surface offers maximum resistance to environmental influences. The multi-touch panels with projective capacitive touch screen (PCT) technology feature a high touch-point density, which enables accurate, safe and jerk-free operation even in minute steps. The front of the display is a glass pane with an anti-reflection coating; operation with thin work gloves (e.g. latex gloves) is also possible. Five-finger touch and automation solutions with 2-hand operation are equally possible. Familiar functions from the world of smartphones and touchpads, such as zooming, scrolling, object turning, flicks etc. are now also usable for industrial applications with the multi-touch devices. Single-touch mode can be set via the Windows operating system for applications where multi-touch is not required.

Posted on November 12, 2012 - (774 views)
Beckhoff Automation GmbH
Hülshorstweg 20
33415 Verl - Germany
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