Damping vibrations, shocks and noises

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Damping vibrations, shocks and noises
Damping vibrations, shocks and noises

Elesa vibration-damping elements are manufactured with natural rubber combined with zinc-plated steel or AISI 304 stainless steel threaded inserts. Elesa damping elements are available in a wide range of dimensions and shapes.

In addition to the already well-known series with cylindrical (DVA.1, DVA.2, DVA.3 – DVA.4, DVA.5) or parabolic shape (DVA.6, DVA.7), Elesa has recently introduced DVB.6 and DVB.7 rubber bushes with conical shape, which are generally used as bumpers or limit stops. New DVC.1, DVC.2, DVC.3 vibration-damping elements with bobbin shape allow, under pressure, more lateral movement as well as vertical dampening.

Elesa offers DVE series bell-shaped mounts, composed of two metallic elements joined together by a rubber body. Elesa new damping elements DVF.6 and DVF.7 with conical shape in silicon rubber, grey colour, FDA compliant, makes them particularly suitable for applications in food processing industry and medical environments.

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Elesa designs and manufactures the widest range of components for industrial machinery and equipment: operating elements, clamping knobs, lobe knobs, adjustable and lever handles, handles, fixed and revolving handles, position indicators, spring plungers, screws, washers, levelling elements and supports, hinges, connectors and clamps, latches, accessories for hydraulic systems, modular roller tracks, castors and wheels, magnets and vibration-damping elements. Made of engineering plastics and metal, offering high performance and reliability, ergonomics and with a modern and functional design, ELESA products can be used in the most varied applications of the mechanical industry. The care invested in R&D features with a service strongly focused on the customer. Established in 1941 with headquarters in Monza, with 11 foreign branches, Elesa exports its products to over 60 countries all over the world.



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