DC/DC Converter Power Supply

Provides 5V DC regulated output

  • by Globtek
  • May 15, 2013
  • DC/DC Converter Power Supply
    DC/DC Converter Power Supply

GlobTek announces the release of it's latest Vehicle/Automotive mounted DC/DC converter power supply which provides 5V DC regulated output to a wide range of systems and applications with a wide range 1:3 input of 10-32VDC, Model GTD21088L-1505-T2. The most common applications include powering industrial PC systems, instruments, medical equipment and others in automotive applications and Compatible with Marine, Industrial, Private Aircraft, Forklift, Law enforcement, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Lift truck, and Military 24 VDC output systems. The miniature wide range 1:3 input of 10-32VDC input switching power supply is available in a high impact and high temperature plastic housing with wire harnesses for input and output. The input positive lead includes a field serviceable 5A Automotive fuse. Input and output wires may be terminated with customer specified terminations or stripped and tinned. Ferrite beads may be added to either the primary wire, secondary wire, or both for EMI suppression as required on a system level. The tiny Vehicle/Automotive power supply has an input from 10-32VDC and a factory configurable output of 5VDC output with a max power of 15W continuous output and is produced in an ISO13485, ISO14001, ISO9001 certified facility.

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