d!conomy Special: Datacenter Transformation Consulting Package

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At this year’s CeBIT the IT service provider Materna will introduce its solutions for essential IT automation, with the aim of enhancing IT processes through the use of Industry 4.0-oriented technologies

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d!conomy Special: Datacenter Transformation Consulting Package
d!conomy Special: Datacenter Transformation Consulting Package

The digital fever is overflowing everywhere as it's clear looking at CeBIT 2016's headline "d!conomy: join - create - succeed". This process - predicted to announce the fourth industrial revolution in manufacturing - places relentlessly increasing demands on IT organizations. At the same time as coping with large volumes of data, they need to get faster and improve their flexibility, reliability and efficiency. The most important tools that will help them do that include cloud computing and the automation of IT processes.

Materna GmbH from Dortmund is showcasing a range of solutions at this year's CeBIT in Hannover for anyone looking to boost the efficiency and agility of their IT processes through automation. The company is unveiling the Datacenter Transformation consulting package at CeBIT, which it uses to evaluate IT organizations - focusing on process and organization consulting, architecture analysis and security - in order to produce prioritized recommendations for implementing the necessary transformation.

And when a specific manufacturer has already been selected, Materna can help launch the rollout in tandem with the transformation process. As a result, companies can achieve tangible results and start to build up experience in running an IT-led factory right from a very early stage. Materna supports BMC, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, IBM, Microsoft, ServiceNow and OpenStack technologies and can work with all the popular cloud providers.

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