Digital Microscope for Quality Inspection

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Integrates next-generation adaptive multi-lighting

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Digital Microscope for Quality Inspection
Digital Microscope for Quality Inspection

The new VHX-6000 series digital microscope from KEYENCE integrates next-generation adaptive multi-lighting, advanced auto-focussing and high-definition imaging in an all-in-one system that will streamline and simplify quality inspection across all industries.


The new model is easy-to-use yet offers much improved imaging with substantial time and cost saving benefits. Significant technology advances offer the ability to view, capture and measure in just one device - with straightforward operation from novice to advanced users alike – all with outstanding imaging results.

Functions and processes

The VHX-6000 digital microscope features KEYENCE’s new adaptive multi-lighting function with its VH-ZST lens which features a 20x to 2000x magnification range. With no need for time-consuming sample repositioning, the direction and level of light is optimised as users simply move a digital flashlight icon around the screen for perfect illumination. By saving all the data with the image, this practical and time-saving function can even be applied after the image has been captured and saved to any compatible PC running VHX-6000 software - allowing users the ability to re-interpret images at any time, and importantly, at any location. Adaptive multi-lighting is complemented by the VHX-6000’s real time depth composition technology which harnesses the microscope’s high frame rate camera and advanced graphics engine to rapidly scan through the focal range of a sample and build a fully-focused image within seconds. This one-touch process is easily repeated over the complete sample area utilising the motorised stage. Furthermore, a simultaneous 3D image may also be captured allowing even greater inspection flexibility. These two major features combine with HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging to provide optimally illuminated high definition images with far more visual information than convention focussing systems - reducing potential inspection errors and greatly improving quality analysis.

Resolution and technology

The VHX-6000 raises the bar for high resolution digital imaging in many other ways. Large area image observation at high magnification is now made possible with an image stitching algorithm that can synchronise positional information from the motorised XY stage to automatically move and stitch together adjacent images measuring up to 20000 × 20000 pixels. A navigation function greatly simplifies large surface area analysis at high magnification by providing a full screen image of the overall area with an inset macro image to instantly see the current field-of-view – one-click re-positions the stage to any desired location. A large area 3D image stitching feature captures height data across an entire surface to combine it into a single stitched image that can help users to understand and measure profile changes. KEYENCE’s image stitching technology is also available using the motorised Z-axis for large vertical structure imaging and measurement.

HDR and Ring-reflection Removal

The VHX-6000’s ‘High Dynamic Range’ (HDR) feature adds the ability to capture multiple images at varying shutter speeds to enable high-contrast enhanced colour imaging whilst a ‘Fine-Shot’ feature can remove aberration characteristics for known lenses to produce even sharper images. One-touch ‘Ring-reflection Removal’ eliminates glare and unwanted reflections at the surface of image for clearer observation, and a 16-bit ‘HDR Plus’ algorithm further improves image detail and natural colour reproduction.

Range and features

KEYENCE’s VHX-6000 digital microscope includes a comprehensive range of lenses, accessories and hardware that make it suitable for a very wide range of application areas. The combination of optics, digital camera, electronics, software, and a wide choice of motorised XYZ & rotary stages means users can perform complete inspection and analysis using a single system. With its magnification capability from 0.1x to 5000x through a choice of ten VH-series lenses, the VHX-6000 can be applied to stereoscopic, metallurgical, measuring and even electron-level microscopy. For automotive and metal industries, on-machine automated contamination and cleanliness analysis, compliant with ISO 16232 standards, is made possible for large area measurement. Higher magnification and high resolution imaging combine with one-click auto-measurement for quality inspection in semiconductor and electronics industries. Automatic area measurement with object counting is also made possible for grain structure analysis in pharmaceuticals, metallurgy or other demanding industries. Over 20 different measurement functions include 2-point, angle, diameter, height, roughness, 3D and more. All these features are quick and easy to apply, many with one-click operation and with no need to pre-calibrate thanks to NIST-traceable positioning mechanics. Video recording is also possible to capture target changes over time.


Image, video, and measurement data may be conveniently stored in the 500 GB HDD or saved and shared to higher level systems through the integral LAN or USB 3.0 ports. CSV file exports can be used for all measurements and parameter data with automatic creation of standard reports possible with commercially available software.

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