Electronic Position Indicators

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  • Electronic Position Indicators
    Electronic Position Indicators

The wireless spindle positioning system, designed for an efficient manual spindle positioning, consists of UC-RF control unit and, up to 36 electronic position indicators. The new electronic position indicators are networked to UC-RF control unit via radio frequency (RF). The system can prevent the machine from starting up until the machine set-up is completed, avoiding production issues and risks for the operators, thus representing a safety system.

The setting up of the system is quick and easy as it does not require any use of connecting cables.

Main features of this new system:

  • 5 digits (DD51-E) or 6 digits display (DD52R-E): excellent readability even from a distance and from different viewing angles;
  • High protection degree: IP65 or IP67;
  • Corrosion resistance: AISI 304 stainless steel bushings
  • Long battery life: over 5 (DD51-E) or 8 (DD52R-E) years.