Electronic Switch for the Harshest Conditions

The MSS switches can be used in industrial installations as well as in devices for the consumer market

  • Electronic Switch for the Harshest Conditions
    Electronic Switch for the Harshest Conditions

Compact, light and powerful - these are the requirements that are placed on a switch in a variety of applications. The installation depth often interferes with these requirements. This is not the case with the new MSS from SCHURTER, but it has even more to offer. Its fresh, lively design with multicolor side illumination and the new switch technology make it stand out from the crowd on the market.     
The new MSS uses a technology that was previously unknown in the electronic switch world.

The MSS is an active electronic switch that reacts to a minimal deformation of the actuating surface. The technology is extremely precise so that only a small amount of pressure is required.

Gentle pressure required
Even light pressure on the surface of the button triggers the switching signal. A mere touch - as with a capacitive switch - is not sufficient for this. For many areas of application, this is exactly what is required. This ensures that no switching function takes place in such a case. The design of this technology is particularly compact and thus enables the low installation depth of the MSS.

Tough performer
The SCHURTER MSS switches offer the highest reliability. As they have no moving parts, their service life is more than 20 million switching cycles. Thanks to the enclosed design, the MSS achieves protection class IP67 and shock resistance rating IK06. These values predestine it for use in particularly demanding environments.

Modern and fresh design
The innovative multicolor side illumination not only provides the user with visual feedback, but also makes the unit's user interface "appear in a new light". But even with the non-illuminated versions, clear function assignments can be made through the various color versions available. Depending on the color choice of the switch, this gives the user interface a fresh, lively appearance.

Application areas
The MSS switches are extremely versatile. Due to their technical features, they can be used in industrial installations as well as in devices for the consumer market.