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Enclosure Heaters
Enclosure Heaters

The formation of condensation in enclosures poses risks, in particular to sensitive control electronics located outdoors. Enclosure heaters provide effective protection by preventing the formation of condensation while also ensuring minimum system operating temperature even when switched off. Available with or without fans, Rittal’s TopTherm enclosure heaters feature a computational fluid dynamics assisted design to provide an improved thermal output with the same size. For added energy efficiency, they use the latest positive temperature coefficient technology, which automatically controls the heating temperature, depending on the prevailing ambient temperature. The heaters without fans have a continuous 10 to 150 W thermal output. Using integrated fans, the thermal output can be variably increased up to 800 W. The heaters have a ready-to-connect design and, thanks to the double quick-connection terminal, can be effectively wired and cascaded without any additional screw terminals. A snap fastening feature ensures time-and cost-saving installation on 35 mm busbars. Enclosure heaters can be used to prevent formation of condensation and are recommended even when heat exchangers and cooling units are employed. Further energy and technical improvements may be achieved through the additional installation of thermostats and/or hygrostats.

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