Enjoy the Safety with Stopflex by O+P

Patented retention system for pressure hoses

  • Enjoy the Safety with Stopflex by O+P
    Enjoy the Safety with Stopflex by O+P

Designed by O+P and patented internationally, Stopflex allows retaining the movement of the pressure hose once the fitting is removed, thus fully protecting the operators and safeguarding the components.  

Actually, the force released by the hose could cause a “whiplash effect” that could be hazardous for property and people. In order to avert this serious risk, the Stopflex system allows the flexible hose to be anchored to the system through a steel rope: the strip, provided with a gasket, remains perfectly anchored to the hose thus absorbing the force released by the movement of the hose and simultaneously allowing the duct to breathe depending on the operating pressure. 

Stopflex may be applied on all types of flexible hoses and used in various industries including the oil hydraulic plants, earth moving machines, drilling machines, hydraulic cranes as well as off-shore and shipbuilding industry. Fixing may be applied to nipples, SAE flanges or various elements of the system.

The Stopflex array of products now comes with a new variant to the conventional system, an openable sealing element for nipples which efficiently meets assembly needs without having to demount hoses in existent and already operative systems.