Entry Level Laser Distance Sensor

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No reflector is required

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Entry Level Laser Distance Sensor
Entry Level Laser Distance Sensor

The new Dimetix DBN-50-050 laser sensor provides the same robust measuring characteristics that Laser-view Technologies’ D-Series lasers are known for, but with less accuracy, measuring range, and optimal communication protocols. Each DBN-50-050 laser now includes 2-programmable digital outputs (PNP, NPN, PUSH-PULL), RS232 serial data, 4-20 mA analog output (scalable), and configure via USB Interface

Ideal for position or size monitoring

Dimetix lasers have the ability to measure to a natural target through the sensor’s entire measuring range, thus, no reflector is required! This sensor is suitable for level control as well as position and size monitoring where less accuracy is required.

Posted on May 20, 2020 - (32 views)
Dimetix AG
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CH-9100 Herisau - Switzerland
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