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    Ergonomic & Flexible HMI/SCADA Solutions

With zenon 7.20, COPA-DATA is presenting a new software version that meets all important system requirements for a Smart Factory: zenon 7.20 supports the construction of digital value networks and consistent digitalization with high scalability, security and performance. Companies can carry out targeted analysis and meaningful Big Data evaluations with zenon 7.20, and provide all relevant information at any time and everywhere. The zenon Cloud Solution makes it possible to integrate zenon with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and thus easily provide all data from different production locations and sites of a company in just one system, in real-time. It enables companies to compare and correlate this data and display it in the form of clear dashboards. With this new solution, companies can also pursue approaches such as energy management, OEE, etc. at a global level too, and use zenon as a tool for company-wide optimization.

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