EtherCAT Master Module

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EtherCAT Master Module
EtherCAT Master Module

INMOCO introduces an EtherCAT master module for use with the CTC 5300 Blue Fusion controller. The module, model M3-41A, enables high-performance control of networked servos, stepping motors and I/O devices. It can coexist within control systems that also include Modbus, DeviceNet and BACnet interfaces, allowing multi-vendor configurations with the CTC system acting as a protocol bridge as well as a control system. CTC has integrated EtherCAT into the programming environment, by pre-engineering support for the most popular EtherCAT slave devices. Using an auto-discovery function, the control system is able to determine what specific devices are on the EtherCAT network and configure the master to communicate with them automatically. This eliminates the time-consuming and potentially error-prone step of having to use a configurator to manually set up the network.

Posted on July 23, 2013 - (633 views)
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