EXARO: the Data Center of the Future

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EXARO: the Data Center of the Future
EXARO: the Data Center of the Future

Faithful to its inclinations to innovation and research of new markets, ETA introduces the new EXARO offering.

EXARO is a modular and flexible solution system for the realization of expandable advanced architectures from the single conditioned rack up to the big data center, passing through micro architectures and edge data center. Solutions for the construction of advanced architectures that, starting from the single rack, through the supply of air conditioning systems in-row precision, electrical distribution panels, corridors for optimal airflow management, power management systems and, upon completion of the offer, a dedicated environmental monitoring system. All this to guarantee the Business Continuity of architecture.

EXARO solutions are based on the concept of modularity and flexibility that allow systems to be designed according to future developments and additions, without any review of the initial project. Furthermore, the natural philosophy of ETA to meet customer needs, allows to propose solutions that are always adapted through the implementation of highly industrialized solutions then modified according to the project.

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E.T.A. S.p.a.
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ETA - with HQ & manufacturing sites in Italy and a worldwide presence in more than 40 Countries – is a recognized partner and solid manufacturer of innovative enclosure solutions.

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