Extra-wide Input Quarter-brick DC/DC Converters

Engineered for harsh environments

  • Extra-wide Input Quarter-brick DC/DC Converters
    Extra-wide Input Quarter-brick DC/DC Converters

Powerbox announced the launch of three new series of extra-wide input voltage range, from 40W to 100W board-mounted DC/DC converters for the railway, transportation and defense industries. Coming with a wide input voltage range of 14V to 160V and 9V to 75V, the PQAE40U (40W), PQAE60U (60W) and PQAE100U (100W) provide systems designers with a single part number that is able to power a large range of applications, thus reducing inventory, time to market and documentation. 

Deliver full and stable power within an extended input voltage range from 14V up to 160V

The PQAE40/60/100U series meet thermal shock and vibration requirements as well as the fire and smoke EN45545-2 standard. The series can be operated from -40°C up to +105°C, meeting the ruggedized requirements in construction vehicles, mining equipment and heavy machinery process control.

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