Fiber Laser System

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For marking and fine-feature cutting

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Fiber Laser System
Fiber Laser System

Developed and manufactured by Hypertherm, the 2.0 kW HFL020 and the 1.0 kW HFL010 join the previously introduced 1.5 kW fully-integrated fiber laser system designed specifically for cutting applications, including marking and fine-feature cutting. They deliver performance on a wide range of applications and consistent cut quality across a number of material types including brass and copper and thicknesses up to 16 mm on mild steel. The new laser systems offer higher cut speeds, lower operating costs and higher productivity than CO2 laser or plasma on material thicknesses below 6 mm. High cut quality and tolerances for fine-feature cutting are provided on materials from under 1 mm to plate thicknesses. The systems can be easily integrated and installed onto existing cutting tables, even tables that already have a plasma torch.

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