Finding Hot Spots and Speeding Up PCB Repairs

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Finding Hot Spots and Speeding Up PCB Repairs
Finding Hot Spots and Speeding Up PCB Repairs

Take the guesswork out of thermal testing of your electronic products with fast discovery of hot spots and potential points of failure. "The FLIR ETS320 has helped us to clearly visualizes hot spots on our assembled printed circuit boards. At ISOMEDIA, we value our time, so if we have something like the ETS320, it speeds up the repair work tremendously. It's also easier to use for this type of work". Watch this video to find out how the FLIR ETS320 reduced test times and sped up repairs for an electronics company. Hands-free troubleshooting!


Posted on December 21, 2017 - (70815 views)
FLIR Systems Trading Belgium BVBA
Luxemburgstraat 2
2321 Meer - Belgium
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Speeding Up Electronics Repair with the FLIR ETS320

Hands-Free Troubleshooting

ISOMEDIA is a leading after-market service company for mobile devices in southern Germany. The business was launched in 1995 as a pc and mobile phone repair center in Stuttgart. Today ISOMEDIA uses a FLIR ETS320 to speed up their repair work.

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