Firewall/VPN Gateway

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in 19-inch format


Firewall/VPN Gateway
Firewall/VPN Gateway

With mGuard centerport,Innominate introduces a new high-end Firewall/VPNGateway in 19-inch format as central infrastructure for its remote services solution and alternative to mGuard blade Pack.The device features Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and supports VPN connection of an arbitrary number of systems in VPN tunnel groups with up to 1,000 concurrently active tunnels. It delivers over 300MBit/s of encrypted VPN data throughput to secured remote services such as remote assistance, and condition monitoring of large amounts of machinery and plant equipment over the Internet.

Posted on October 1, 2009 - (1336 views)
Innominate Security Technologies AG
Rudower Chaussee 13
12489 Berlin - Germany
+49-30 921028-0
+49-30 921028-020
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