Flow meter with sight glass RVO/U series

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with three different sizes and more than 20 measuring ranges

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Flow meter with sight glass RVO/U series
Flow meter with sight glass RVO/U series

The RVO/U range of flow meters launched by Meister Strömungstechnik sets the standard in industrial flow measurement. There are three different sizes and more than 20 measuring ranges to choose from. The devices work on the float principle. This measuring technique has proven its reliability over decades, counting sturdy performance and rapid response times among its outstanding features. The flow meters have an inbuilt spring that returns the float to its initial position and can therefore be operated in any mounting position. The RVO/U series is also capable of operating in most demanding heavy-duty environments thanks to its compact design, extreme sturdiness, and its resistance to high pressures and temperatures. The actual flow can be read directly from the scale.

The scale is burnt into a sight glass made of borosilicate glass with an excellent chemical resistance. There are normally open contacts or changeover contacts with bistable characteristic for electric limit value monitoring. The potential free reed contacts are encapsulated in a completely sealed housing, providing optimal protection from damage. Ingress protection 65 or 67 can be provided, depending on the chosen connection (plug or cable). Set points for the flow limits can adjusted by the user within the specified measuring range.

The standard flow monitors can be operated at temperatures up to 100 °C, the high-temperature versions up to 160 °C. Pressure resistance is 10 or 16 bar respectively. The devices can also be obtained as explosion protected versions subject to the ATEX directive.

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