Fully Customisable RFID Labels for any Surface

Track assets more efficiently with the Smart RFID labelling solution

  • Fully Customisable RFID Labels for any Surface
    Fully Customisable RFID Labels for any Surface

Brady Smart RFID labelling enables industry 4.0 efficiencies in identification and management of components, products, machinery and tools. The scope of efficiency savings generated by RFID identification may be realised at several company levels from manufacturing to customer operations.

Brady leverages all of its capabilities as a worldwide identification expert to deliver custom RFID solutions that solve our customers’ identification challenges.

  • RFID labels: Custom shaped, printed and programmed and ready to apply or ready to be finalised at your premises.
  • Print at your premises: Programme, print, serialise or finalise custom RFID labels at your premises.
  • Capture data: Capture data from or add data to your RFID labels from a few centimetres in HF/NFC up to 16 metres in UHF, not limited by line of sight.
  • Integrate & automate: Automatically capture data from your RFID labels at programmable intervals with fixed scanners, and send the data to your ERP-system.

Brady can assist you in finding the right combination of products to solve your identification need.

Discover complete RFID solution from Brady, download the guide and request samples of RFID labels