High-performance Thermal Camera

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The first to feature onboard Inspection Route software

Test & Measurement, Vision & Identification

High-performance Thermal Camera
High-performance Thermal Camera

The FLIR T860 from FLIR Systems is a high-performance thermal camera from the T-Series family. This camera is the first to feature onboard Inspection Route software, suitable for streamlining inspections of critical assets, including power substation components, distribution lines, manufacturing equipment, or facility electrical and mechanical systems. Thermal inspectors can spend less time in the field and face less hassle when creating survey reports by running a pre-planned route through the camera. The T860 features an ergonomic body, a vibrant LCD touchscreen visible from low angles, and an integrated color viewfinder for sun glare conditions. 

Its ergonomic design reduces the strain of full-day inspections

The 640x480-resolution thermal camera comprises FLIR’s advanced Vision Processing, incorporating patented MSX and UltraMax image enhancement technologies to deliver enhanced image clarity with half the image noise of previous models. In addition, it includes one-touch level/span and laser-assisted autofocus advanced measurement tools. This last feature helps quickly find problems and make critical decisions. Operating with FLIR Thermal Studio Pro (advanced reporting software), the onboard routing system creates numbered, labeled inspection routes that users can create from the camera, to record temperature, data, thermal, and visual imagery in a logical sequence for faster troubleshooting and repair.

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