High Volume Crimping Machine

Tubomatic V159 ES is the perfect equipment to crimp hydraulic and industrial hoses

  • High Volume Crimping Machine
    High Volume Crimping Machine

O+P, producer of hydraulic hose and tube processing equipment with more than forty years of experience, presents the volume crimping machine Tubomatic V159ES, which is the perfect machine to crimp hydraulic hoses up to 2 1/2” six spirals and industrial hose up to 6”.

Its crimping force is of 300 TON, its maximum crimping diameter is of 159 mm, while its motor power is of 5.5 Kw. The crimping machine is provided with a silent pump, back limit switch and ES4 electronic control with touch screen display.

The machine, upon request, can be equipped with the Industry 4.0 Kit, crimping speed control system, data transfer kit, electric pedal, marking dies and BARCODE reading system. The crimping head is particularly narrow to crimp hose ends with large flanges or 90° fittings.

This machine can be provided with different voltages and tools, to meet the customer’s needs.