IERA 2021 Awarded to ABB's PixelPaint Solution

Automotive painting technology offering greater efficiency while maintaining environmental awareness

  • IERA 2021 Awarded to ABB's PixelPaint Solution
    IERA 2021 Awarded to ABB's PixelPaint Solution

ABB's PixelPaint offers an innovative solution to make automotive painting faster, more flexible and more durable. The inkjet head eliminates overspray and applies the entire paint to the vehicle surface, avoiding waste, which is bad for the environment. The two high-precision robots also save time by increasing the speed of the custom paint by 50%, allowing two-tone and custom designs to be applied in one pass while providing a high-quality finish. Finally, it eliminates the process of masking and unmasking each car, helping to reduce bottlenecks.

In today’s fiercely competitive automotive manufacturing market, vehicle producers need solutions that can help them to improve their flexibility, efficiency and cost competitiveness while delivering a high-quality paint finish, including individualized options to meet the growing demand for non-standard and customized designs,” said Joerg Reger, Managing Director of ABB Robotics Auto OEM Business Line.

2021 prize list with its share of innovations

International Federation of Robotics (IFR) congratulates “I congratulate ABB on winning the IERA award 2021 against strong competition,” said Milton Guerry, President of the IFR. “The four finalists have all presented a success story of an innovative product in robotics and automation which combine the needs of today’s manufacturers with a high degree of user-friendliness.

For this 17th edition of the IERA Award, the winners faced strong competition. Among the finalists were INFAIMON and its InPicker, a universal pick and place system for industrial applications, Microspi Industries and their MIRAI software offering control solutions for industrial robots to cope with production variations and Mobile Industrial Robots with their MiR250, a user-friendly mobile robot that optimizes handling flows in all industrial sectors.