Improve safety for personnel with SEL-751/SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relays

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Worker Safety Improvement thanks to Feeder Protection Relays

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Improve safety for personnel with SEL-751/SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relays
Improve safety for personnel with SEL-751/SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relays

SEL-751/SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relays are ideal to improve your personnel safety: the arc-flash protection reduces the incident energy of arc-flash events.


Light-sensing technology combined with fast overcurrent protection provides high-speed arc-flash detection without false tripping. With comprehensive protection capabilities, including time-overcurrentdirectional overcurrentautoreclosingover-/undervoltagefrequency, and more, SEL-751/SEL-751A Digital Protective Relays protect radial and looped distribution circuits, making them ideal for industrial feeder protection.

Applications for Digital Protective Relays

  • Protect and control radial or looped distribution circuits.
  • Apply directional and nondirectional overcurrent protection for transformer/bus-main/bus-tie breakers.
  • Control autoreclosing with synchronism and voltage check logic.
  • Detect downed conductors and high-impedance faults with Arc Sense™ technology.
  • Customize front-panel pushbutton operation and LEDs, or use default breaker trip/close functions.
  • Personalize LCD messages using event-driven display point settings.
  • Create an integrated control system with a variety of I/O and communications options.
  • Use the programmable control logic and integration features with a communications link for control and protection of remote substations.
  • Use comprehensive reporting to understand events, schedule maintenance, detect unfavorable trends, modify loads, and satisfy information requirements of supervisory systems.
  • Include RTD inputs as part of system integration or to bias protection.
  • Mitigate arc-flash hazards with arc-flash detection.
  • Use the built-in fault locator to efficiently dispatch line inspection and repair personnel.
  • Analyze overcurrent protection system performance using the built-in Sequential Events Recorder (SER).



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