Infrared Camera for Thermal Measurements

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Functions in conjunction with FLIR Research Studio software

Test & Measurement, Vision & Identification

Infrared Camera for Thermal Measurements
Infrared Camera for Thermal Measurements

The T840 is an infrared camera made by FLIR Systems that comes with features for R&D professionals tasked with making fast and accurate thermal measurements outdoors. This camera includes the FLIR T-series camera platform and features an ergonomic body, a vibrant LCD touchscreen, and a viewfinder for use in any lighting conditions. Its 464x348-resolution camera incorporates FLIR advanced Vision Processing® image enhancement technology, UltraMax®, and proprietary adaptive filtering algorithms. 

Enhanced measurement accuracy and image clarity with half the image noise of previous models

The new reporting features help organize findings in the field. Moreover, the T840 delivers an optional 6-degree lens for measurements on small remote targets as can be required in outdoor R&D experiments. The camera’s plug-and-play connectivity and intuitive controls ensure quick acquisition and analyze of thermal data. With flexible analysis tools, the user can perform in-depth analysis on live and recorder data simultaneously by using a broad range of thermal measurement tools. Last, FLIT Research Studio is compatible with Windows, MacOs or Linux in more than 20 different languages.

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